Stucco cleaning for the Twin Cities metro area

Stucco and Dryvit cleaning is not just regular “pressure washing”.  Cleaning stucco involves a tremendous amount of skill and delicacy to guarantee that no damage is done to the surface being cleaned.

Our certified technicians use only the most effective and efficient methods when cleaning any type of stucco siding, regardless of its age and weathering.

The Stucco Cleaning Process Works Like This:

  1. A technician uses our low pressure soft washing method to  apply a mixture of soap and sodium hypochlorite to your siding
  2. The soap applied starts to break down the bond between your siding and the dirt and mold that has been festering there since the last cleaning
  3. The soap will dormant for 10-15 minutes to insure  the organic grime is completely broken down and ready to be removed  (depending on the size of your home, the tech may soap one or two sides of the home at a time)
  4. After the soap has time to do its work, our techs come back with 8 gallons per minute (GPM) of water and simply rinse the siding to remove all the organic material that has built up over the years.
  5. Your siding now looks BRAND NEW!