Restaurant Cleaning Minneapolis and St.Paul

If you manage or own a restaurant, you know how foul a trash area can get.

We know…

  • You have tried to do it yourself
  • Attempted to have employees clean or maintain the trash area or dumpster pad
  • Hired the hood/vent cleaners are were not happy
  • Let the trash area sit until inspection time came

Lions Share Maintenance offers FREE demonstrations on ANY dumpster pad or trash area in St.Paul or Minneapolis at ANY time!

After four to five months of little to no attention, Now is the time to get back to keeping things not only looking good, but safe for you and your employees

Trash area cleaning is not a job to do in house. Lions share mainteance has a crew dedicated ONLY to trash area cleaning in Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area of the Twin Cities.

Leave The Nasty Stuff To The Pros!

The overnight crew at Lions Share Maintenance is here to make your life a whole lot easier. Here are a few things that help separate us from the “competition”

  1. Our crews only work at night from about 12am-10am, so no obstructing your location during business hours.
  2. Our commercial grade pressure washer is one of the best money can buy. Sometimes a great result simply comes down to your equipment.
  3. The techs at Lions Share Maintenance use the most efficient and professional grade De-Greasers to insure a clean and sanitary after result.

Maintaining your trash area is essential to both the safety and health of your customers and employees.

Having a dirty trash area is one of the main reasons for getting “docked” on your monthly, quarterly or “surprise” inspections that the restaurant industry love so much.


What are you waiting for?


Call (651)330-2810 or (612)360-6131 TODAY to set up a FREE demonstration on your trash area or dumpster pad.

Lions Share Maintenance Offers

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning
  • Trash Area//Room Cleaning
  • Grease Trap DE-Greasing
  • Odor Neutralization

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