Gum Removal Minneapolis-St.Paul

Let us guess… Your businesses entrance is covered in gum.Well you came to the right place. Lions Share Maintenance has a commercial cleaning crew that specializes in nothing but gum removal services.

The process of gum removal works like this:

  1. The surface is rinsed of all debris and loose dirt.
  2. Our crew turns up the burner to 200 degrees, the ideal temperature for gum removal
  3. The gum is removed first with a 25-45 degree tip
  4. The crew then surface cleans the entire walkway or entrance area as designated by the customer.
  5. You now have a perfectly clean, gum free, sidewalk.

Gum removal services in Minneapolis and St.Paul brought to you by the guys over at Lions Share Maintenance.

Its a give in that after time, your front entrance will be covered in gum. The best way to ensure that the entrance to your business has the best curb appeal possible is to get on one of our monthly or quarterly maintenance plans. Maintenance plans for gum removal guarantee that the curb appeal of your business will stay a 10/10 on a regular basis.

Lions Share offers:

  • Bi Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi annual
  • Annual

Plans for gum removal services in both Minneapolis and St.Paul surrounding areas.

Don’t get caught in a sticky situation with your customers. Call Lions Share today for a Free estimate on any gum removal or other concrete cleaning services in the Twins Cities Minneapolis and St.Paul metro area.

The video below is Dave, one of our crew leaders, showing you how easy we can remove gum from the sidewalks in front of your business.

 (651)330-2810 for St. Paul

(612)360-6131 for Minneapolis


 or e mail for more information on gum removal services in the St.Paul and Minneapolis area.