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How can you give me a quote if you don't see the property in person?

We have mastered the services that we provide to our customers and have put systems in place to make it easy for both our team and our customers!

Most residential services can be quoted right over the phone! One of our office staff will look up on your home up on Google Maps, and then ask you questions about the property that can help us give you an accurate price for the job.

For complex jobs, properties we can't see online, or some other services may require an in-person assessment for a quote.

Would you prefer an in-person quote? Not a problem!

Give us a call, and we will set an appointment for a crew leader to meet up with you about your project!

How does Pressure Washing Minneapolis count windows?

We get it - all of these window cleaning companies have different ways of counting windows, and it can get confusing!

We can help guide you through how to count your windows, and we make it even simpler by breaking our window cleaning deals in to panes.

A little example...twenty windows we clean at a price of $199, would be equal to forty panes priced at $199!

A window opening "up and down" has two panes of glass.

Bay windows with one window per side would count as three panes of glass.

Sliding glass doors would count as two panes of glass.

Do you still have any questions? Feel free to call us and we can guide you through it! We can even send one of our friendly technicians for an in-person window count so you don't have to!

How long do normal jobs take to complete?

Our awesome team typically can finish up a regular work order in around two hours, but it depends on the services required. Here is a chart of how long an "average" job would take to finish up:

  • Window Cleaning: 1-2 hours for 20-60 windows, including interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Siding Cleaning: Typically around two hours to wash a house, butu depends on its size. Vinyl houses usually are washed much faster than stucco houses.Remember, the bigger the home, the longer it will take to wash.
  • Gutter Cleaning: This depends on how much debris is in the gutter system. Some jobs can take 1-2 hours, some can take 10-15 minutes. Houses with gutter guards usually take longer to finish up because parts of the gutter guard are uninstalled to clean the gutters.
How do you stop water from getting under the siding during a house wash? How do you prevent damage to the siding during a house wash?

Most companies that provide exterior house washes uuse pressurue to clean. Pressure Washing Minneapolis has a different approach. We use a detergent and soft washing techniques to clean the exterior surface of youur home.

We use an intensive two-step process, assuring excellence on every job:

-Step 1: Our friendly technicians apply the detergent to completely break down organic material.

-Step 2: We then rise the surface with minimal pressure to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime.

Our soft washing process is the industry standard for exterior cleaning maintenence, giving us the ability to clean your siding with no risk of damage or water intrusion.

Have any more questions/concerns? Feel free to call our office and our staff will be happy to give you any information you may need.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Why just take it from us? Let’s hear from some of our satisfied customers:


“They called ahead exactly when I expected and arrived on time. A crew of two men worked efficiently to clean the gutters and windows. They did excellent work, and though I have more than 90 windows, they were done within 2 hours. Money well spent!!”

Karen M.


“It was excellent! Every contact that I’ve had with the company is always very, very customer service oriented. They are so friendly and super easy to talk to. They always go above and beyond to answer all of my questions and they do not rush me. They are very good at explaining things to you and also are very comfortable with you watching over the work that they do. They are so pleasant to work with!”

Sue O.


“Outstanding! They arrived early, talked with us about any special requests or concerns, went right to work and did an excellent job on both the gutters and windows.”

Carl C.


“I received a mailer and gave them a call.  The office staff was pleasant and professional, and they were able to get the work done when I needed it, letting me know that I could call back to reschedule if there were still leaves on the trees as the date approached.  They were able to give me a quote over the phone by looking at Google earth — it couldn’t have been easier.  It rained on the scheduled date, so they showed up the next day, without my having to reschedule it.

I shared their name with my next door neighbor, and they will be doing her house next week. “

Clare L.


“They arrived early (and called first to ask if that would be okay with me), and I walked them through the house pointing out the windows I’d chosen for washing.  They work in tandem – one person cleaning the outside as the second person cleans the inside so they can catch every little spot.  The also remove and clean the screens.  The windows look great!  This is the second year I’ve used Pressure Washing Minneapolis for windows, and I expect to call them again in the future!”

Kristin B.


“The two young men were very professional, got right to work, did a quality job, and wrapped things up nicely. I’d hire PWM again.”

Candace K.

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We use a unique water-fed pole system to clean exterior windows. These poles can reach up to five stories. This concept is similar  to hard water spots left on dishes after they are washed. Spotting left on dishes is dried water with minerals still in it. Our system removes impurities from water, giving you a spot and streak free window. 

You can put your trust in Pressure Washing Minneapolis to deal with all your Minneapolis window washing needs!